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The Best of 2021: Music Staff Picks

20. Snail Mail – Valentine “Snail Mail retains the same wounded lover ethos and hazy, scorned vocals but with a noticeably more pop-inspired instrumental palette. Indie rock guitars and peppy drums provide a sturdy melodic base, while additions of piano or dreamy synths give this album a sometimes danceable effect.” –Sydney Sjobakken 19. Lingua Ignota – Sinner Get Ready “Lingua Ignota has always incorporated a regal and grandiose instrumental palette, but SINNER GET READY shows a slightly softer side to her work with elements of religious hymns and neofolk. Yet, despite drawing back a bit from her more abrasive tendencies, she still … Continued

Music and our Mood

We listen to music every day. In the shower, on our way to and from work, while we’re making dinner– the list goes on. How does the music we listen to affect our mood, productivity, and all-around well-being on a given day? (Image via Professor Ramos)

The Best Releases of October: Music Staff Picks

The Body & BIG|BRAVE – Leaving None But Small Birds  The Body and BIG|BRAVE have each earned their tenure in metal, but together they have created an album that defies any preconceived notions one might have had for them. On Leaving None But Small Birds, both bands veer into a brand of folk rock that is rife with an eerie grit. Twangy layered strings mesh with the heavy distortion of guitars that both The Body and BIG|BRAVE are known for, creating a delicate and foreboding atmosphere. Similarly, the guttural shrieks and growls of The Body are replaced by the haunting croons of BIG|BRAVE’s lead vocalist Robin … Continued


Blackhawks Win First Game in Series Against Wild

The number one seeded Chicago Blackhawks were the clear favorite to win last night in their first game of the playoffs against the Minnesota Wild and stood an even better chance at getting an easy win when the Wild’s starting goalie Niklas Backstrom left the ice in pre-game warmups due to a leg injury. Josh Harding started in the goal for the Wild having played in only five games this season with a record of 1-1. Despite the disadvantage they faced from the get-go, Minnesota came out strong and took an early lead in the 1st scoring 4:48 into the … Continued

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By John Schmitt March: the time of year when the ground thaws and temperatures rise as nature prepares itself for the end of winter and the beginning of spring. Things that have lain dormant start to rise and new life comes to the forefront. March makes my engine rev, and it’s not because of the blooming flowers. The NBA and its players ramp themselves back up around this time for the spectacularly entertaining playoffs that will arrive in April. The crescendo starts around the beginning of March, right after the All-Star break and trade deadline when teams finalize their rosters, … Continued

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