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KRUI Spins [02/27/24]: Molly Lewis, Elkka, bedbug, and More

Our music staff compiled a list of what we liked the most from what either promoters, labels, or artists have sent us recently. If you are interested on sending us music, refer to these guidelines for getting your music played on KRUI. Without further ado, here is what we are spinning this week.

Image via Bandcamp

karennoid – “La Ideal”

Chicago local and cofounder of Agua de Rosas party series comes with her first single. Expect reggaetón, del bueno. – Andrés

Great beat and mixing, need more reggaetón on airrrr! – Eli

Image via Bandcamp

Hana Vu – “Care”

Soaring guitars and reverbed out vocals mark a cacophonous first single from Vu’s upcoming record. – Evan

Image via Bandcamp

Teethe – Tag / Lucky

Now That’s What I Call Slowcore! Dejected, yet heartfelt set of tracks from Teethe. Very nice. Very slacker. – Evan

Image via Pitchfork

Vampire Weekend – “Capricorn / Gen-X Cops”

Coming from one of the greatest indie rock bands to ever do it, these two singles certainly live up to their standard and is among their best material. Sonically, these songs feel like a natural progression from their opus, Modern Vampires of the City. “Capricorn” has a hazy yet groovy psychedelic vibe backed by a stellar piano track and punchy drums. “Gen-X Cops” is a nice grungy take on the traditional Vampire Weekend sound and lyrically focuses on generational regret. Both of these songs are stellar and should generate much anticipation for their upcoming album Only God Was Above Us. – Maurice

Image via Soundcloud

Elkka – “Make Me”

Some very solid, lo-fi deep house. Catchy and head-bobbin’. – Eli

Elkka comes around stronger on this single for her upcoming album coming out on the Ninja Tune record label. The hi-hat playing throughout the heavier parts of the track are uplifting and fresh, with well crafted contrast to the sample that calls out “Make me love you, all night long.” This is backed with string instruments bathing your ears. This single makes me look forward to the album. – An Andrés Pick

Image via Jamie Halliday

Bedbug – “postcard”

Bedbug moves beyond the bedroom in their latest album. They replace lo-fi padded drum machines and samples with live instrumentation, strings, and the whole nine yards. The results speak for themselves. One of the best emo adjacent releases of the year so far. Absolutely worth the add. – Evan

Image via Bandcamp

Molly Lewis – On The Lips

The soundtrack to a space station resort. Meandering, lush lounge escapes float through the listener’s ear ways. Not too dissimilar from Mild High Club. Pleasant front to back. Worthful for the potential nu-lounge resurgence. Also, you wish you could whistle like this. – Evan

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