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Mission Creek: Osees Live at The Englert

It was chilly outside on the evening of Day 3 of the Mission Creek Festival, so I was wearing my coat. I walked into the front doors of The Englert and immediately set it down at the door. I had a feeling I would not be needing it. I’m very glad I made this decision. The first thing that hit me was the stench. Weed, sweat, and this indescribable funk, wounded its way into every crevice. It was wicked. I made my way to the front, with the crowd behind me growing exponentially. Just a few minutes later, I turned … Continued

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KRUI 89.7 FM has been Iowa City’s sound alternative since 1984.

As one of the largest student-run organizations, KRUI boasts a staff of more than 400 students in nine departments. KRUI features a variety of specialty programming — sports broadcasts, news features, and specialty music shows featuring specific genres and eras of music. KRUI also features a variety of musical genres including indie rock, alt-country, punk, pop, electronic, jazz, and local music.

Broadcasting at 100 watts, KRUI reaches the greater Iowa City and Coralville areas. KRUI also has a worldwide audience through Web broadcasting. KRUI is committed to providing listeners with unique, quality programming in music, news, and sports.

KRUI operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week as a noncommercial radio alternative to mainstream programming. KRUI also serves as an educational laboratory for students interested in radio and the broadcast industry.

KRUI has two missions:

1. The station serves as an educational laboratory for students interested in learning about radio and the broadcast industry.

2. KRUI provides the Iowa City community with a unique programming alternative in music, news, and sports.

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