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Kobe Bryant Needs to Shut His Twitter Mouth


By John Schmitt

Twitter is a place for news outlets to post headlines, hipsters to inquire about flaws in societal tendencies, and for tweens to vent their issues onto the web for everyone to read. Tweens and… Kobe Bryant.

On April 12 of this year, the sports world looked on as a sports icon tore his Achilles tendon. There were questions about what an NBA playoff would be like without Kobe Bryant and the Lakers. It was never even considered what the playoffs would be like with Lakers and without Kobe. This is what the headlines should be about: the Los Angeles Lakers’ basketball adjustments to playing without the self-proclaimed “Black Mamba.”

(Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times)
Since he is unable to join his team on the court, Kobe has taken to Twitter to share his thoughts on his teams’ play. (Luis Sinco / Los Angeles Times)


Turns out that the main topic of discussion with these Lakers has nothing to do with basketball at all. Sports media, die-hard NBA fans, and casual fans are only talking about what Kobe is talking about… on his Twitter account.

“What I would say if I was there right now? ‘Pau get ur on the block and don’t move till u get it’ #realtalk.

“Post. Post. Post.”

“I see my tweeting during the game is being talked about as much as the game itself. Not my intention , just bored as I guess ”

This needs to stop. Kobe needs to quit critiquing his team from the couch and let them play. If he wants to provide insight, he should be doing it in the film room, not in a place where 4,000 random followers will blindly take his side and retweet him. Is he that desperate for attention that he has to resort to venting on the web just to keep the spotlight pointed at him? This Twitter purge has been egotistical and narcissistically driven, but honestly is anyone surprised? This is Hollywood.