The University of Iowa University of Iowa

Status as a Staffer

  • KRUI has a right to the content and must share final versions with their respective director for either on-air play or uploading it to our platforms
    • NOTE: KRUI does not “own” the content, but can use it!
  • Those who podcast with KRUI are subject to the All Staff Agreement and Volunteer Form, if you have not already filled them out please sign them and send them to

Sports and News

  • Podcasts relating to news and sports are under the purview of the News and Sports Directors. 


  • Must send finished project to KRUI with description, image, and other information so we can upload it on our own platforms
  • FCC guidelines don’t apply
    • But you can send a clean and explicit version of the podcast to be played on air (beeps over words count as clean)
  • Include a KRUI opener and/or closer
  • Receive training 
  • Strongly urged: Regular uploading schedule (once a week, once a month, every other week, but same weekday) 
  • KRUI is willing to edit your podcasting projects if you do not have to experience to do so yourself


  1. Content development and approval with the Programming
  2. Training on how to use the board and on Audacity by the Training and/or Production directors
  3. Recording the podcast and editing it
  4. Send to get uploaded
  5. Keep making podcasts

Tips and Tricks

  • Collaborate with people! Having a second person on helps with flow and the workload
  • Have the first few episodes ready before you start to upload so you have more time to work on new episodes
  • Ditch the script so you don’t get hung up on the words, instead, use bullet points or notes to organize what you want to say
  • Outline a few episodes at a time so you can reorganize bits to flow better across episodes
  • Take breaks! Working on podcasts can be frustrating, be sure to take some breaks when working on them. 
  • Workshop it, have someone else take a look and give some feedback
  • Act like you’re live on air so you don’t stress over your words too much
  • Share it! People like hearing what you have to say!