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The Best Releases of June: Music Staff Picks

Spellling – The Turning Wheel The Turning Wheel, Chrystia Cabral’s third album under the project Spellling, offers bewitchingly captivating progressive folk and neo-soul songs. A shift towards natural instrumentation marks a stark change from 2019’s synth-heavy Mazy Fly, giving these songs a new liveliness, and pushing Cabral’s songwriting towards the theatrical. The sonic palette on its own can be bewildering at first–veering off without warning into performances of soul, hard rock, classical, folk, and of course, synthwave. It’s no surprise that the personnel list reveals more than thirty performers–all of whom sound great. The songs are left with an enchanting … Continued

The Best Releases of May: Music Staff Picks

Squid – Bright Green Field Long before the release of their debut LP, Squid has been making waves in the post-punk community with their own brand of angular and uniquely provocative songwriting that has set them apart from peers in the genre. With the often deranged and purposely erratic vocal delivery of singer Ollie Judge and the driving pseudo-punk melodies conducted by the rest of the band, there is no doubt the group has emotional, musical, and lyrical potency. In their most recent works, including the two singles they released in 2020 and their latest LP, Squid has begun to incorporate … Continued

Vaccines in Iowa: How are we doing?

As of April 5th, all Iowans are eligible to receive vaccinations. Previously, state guidelines restricted vaccines to high-risk groups such as essential workers, adults aged 65 and up, or people with pre-existing medical conditions. Now that eligibility has expanded, securing an appointment may be a difficult task. (image via Global Gazette)

Iowa Spring Practice: QB’s duel, youth arrives, and defense shines

Not since Iowa beat Illinois 19-10 on Senior Day in 2019 had the Hawkeyes played in front of home fans outside of friends and family. That streak ended Saturday morning as Iowa held it’s first of two open practices this spring with fans in attendance. Fans arrived as early as before 7 AM to get the first chance to see their Hawkeyes in person since November of 2019. Many were pleased with the results, but it would’ve taken a natural disaster to ruin the moods of the black and gold this weekend. “Certainly is great to be back in Kinnick … Continued

Spring training games began last Friday, a week earlier than usual, due to the World Baseball Classic. However, with spring training now in full swing, not all teams are fully functional just yet.

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“The Morning Drive” is the first daily sports-talk show on KRUI. Every morning we recap the previous day’s events emphasizing NCAA Sports, NBA, MLB, NFL and NHL. Be sure to wake up to The Morning Drive every weekday morning from 8-9am and get caught up on your sporting news. Voices behind the mic: Jordan Kabialis, Dylan Burn, Mike Milder, Nick Moffitt, Ted Schiefen Producers: Joe Rajchel and Patrick Behof Is 8:00 too early for you to wake up each morning? Ever miss a show and want an easier way to go back and listen? Do you ever wish our episodes were just forwarded … Continued

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“Center Ice” is the only radio show in the corridor that exclusively covers the NHL.  For one hour we go around the league keeping our audience up to date on the scores, standings, statistics and teams you love.  Tune in every Monday from 12 pm to 1 pm CT for analysis of the NHL both on and off the ice. Voices behind the mic: Derek Helling, Samantha Danzinger Producer: Patrick Behof February 25, 2013

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“From the Cheap Seats” is the destination for coverage of all the non-revenue sports at the University of Iowa.  From the wrestling mat to the field hockey green to the hardcourt of women’s basketball, we’ve got everything from interviews with Hawkeye coaches and student athletes to keeping you up to date on Hawkeyes competing in any one of the twenty Hawkeye sports we cover.  Tune in every Monday from 1 pm to 2 pm CT and get your fill of Iowa sports. Voices behind the mic: Derek Helling, Aubrey Coleman, John West Producer: Nick Moffitt February 25, 2013

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