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The Morning Drive



“The Morning Drive” is the first daily sports-talk show on KRUI. Every morning we recap the previous day’s events emphasizing NCAA Sports, NBA, MLB, NFL and NHL. Be sure to wake up to The Morning Drive every weekday morning from 8-9am and get caught up on your sporting news.

Voices behind the mic: Jordan Kabialis, Dylan Burn, Mike Milder, Nick Moffitt, Ted Schiefen

Producers: Joe Rajchel and Patrick Behof

Is 8:00 too early for you to wake up each morning? Ever miss a show and want an easier way to go back and listen? Do you ever wish our episodes were just forwarded to your computer or mobile device? Great news: The Morning Drive is now podcasted and can be found on the iTunes store! You can subscribe to the podcast by following this link.

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