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Screamo Prom 2K24 at Gabe’s

Hundreds of people filled into Gabe’s for the six band show colloquially dubbed as “Sceamo Prom”. The night composed of six energetic and tiring sets, for another strong showing of community in the Iowa City Hardcore Scene.


What Can We Learn from Matt Stairs

In 1992 at the age of twenty-four Matt Stairs appeared in thirteen games for the Montreal Expos. He made thirty-eight plate appearances and recorded only five hits. The next season in 1993 he appeared in only six games, making eight plate appearances and recording three hits. To put those numbers in perspective, over the course of a 162 game season a regular starter will get between 550-650 plate appearances. Matt Stairs would not resurface again in the Major Leagues until 1995, and as a member of the Boston Red Sox, totaling ninety-five plate appearances. It would not be until his … Continued

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