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Whisks + Whiskey: Episode 8

The months are just flying by and somehow it is already APRIL. Since Easter is coming up I wanted to do something cute and springy themed for this month’s installment of Whisks + Whiskey, and found what I thought would be the perfect recipe. (We will come to find out that I may have been mistaken; it was at least worth the experiment.)

I saw a recipe for molten lava cakes using Cadbury crème eggs as the “molten” center and I was pretty hyped to try it because for one, molten lava cakes just always sound super cool, and secondly, Cadbury crème eggs are probably THEE best part of Easter. Don’t even try to fight me on that. (And no the caramel ones are NOT better, go eat a rolo if you want caramel and chocolate.)

Time started: 5:30 pm

LISTEN: I know it was early, and it was a week day, but I had a lot to accomplish that day and there ain’t no rest for the wicked.

What I’m drinking: I ran out of whiskey the weekend before and I was too cheap to buy more at the time of baking this so I opened the last bottle I had of my mom’s rhubarb wine and mixed it with some Sprite for a nice little spritzer. I feel like that is pretty springy/Eastery.

Estimated difficulty: 3/5

The main thing holding me back from giving this an easier rating is that I do not have ramekins to bake the cakes in like the recipe calls for and instead will be using muffins tins; it may not make a huge difference but I didn’t want to underestimate the difficulty just in case.

Challenges (besides being intoxicated): Welp, I almost died from slipping on water walking towards the microwave with a glass jar of hot fudge in my hand. Spoiler alert: I didn’t die and I also managed not to drop the jar of hot fudge throughout the whole ordeal.

So. Much. Batter.

The other challenge was figuring out what to do with all the extra batter because this recipe made SO MUCH. It called for 6 crème eggs to make six cakes, but I ended up using up the two eggs I thought were going to be extra in a second batch and my sister had the brilliant idea of putting a glob of hot fudge in place of the crème eggs in the other four cakes from the second batch.

So while the recipe claimed to make 6 molten lava cakes, there was enough batter to actually make 12, with even a few spoonfuls of batter left over that we may or may not have just eaten. I thought the muffin tins were about the same size as the ramekins would have been, but maybe there were a lot smaller than I thought. Or maybe this recipe just made A LOT of batter, I’m honestly not sure.

Time finished: 7:30 PM


My drunk opinion:  “It’s really good cake, you just can’t really taste the crème eggs :(”

Mollie’s opinion: “The cake itself is good, but the egg has a weird texture now.”

My sober morning opinion: Again, the cake is delicious, but overall it’s kind of disappointing.

Final deliciousness rating: 5/10

This was hard to give a rating since I would definitely use the cake recipe from this on its own, because it is honestly a fantastic recipe, but putting the crème eggs in it was kind of a waste of a perfectly good crème egg (8 of them to be exact, SIGH.) The ones in which we put a dollop of hot fudge turned out really well so I would recommend doing that if you still wanted to try the whole molten lava thing, and then just eat the crème eggs on their own. But you’re an adult and you can do what you want.

This recipe can be found here. (The only other modification I would suggest is swapping out where it calls for chocolate syrup in the recipe for hot fudge. Because hot fudge.)

Next month will most likely be my last installment of Whisks + Whiskey since I am graduating (!!!) so I will have to think of something amazing for the last big hurrah, stay tuned!

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