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Whisks + Whiskey: Episode 1

Hello, and welcome to my new column: Whisks + Whiskey. If you are familiar with the “My Drunk Kitchen” series by Hannah Hart this concept is very similar, except it focuses solely on my favorite thing to make: baked goods. Not to humble brag here, but I would say I generally have an above-average level of skill when it comes to baking. Like I’ve successfully made baklava several times (with my mom and sister, but still), and if you don’t know what that sweet, sweet deliciousness is here’s a recipe that you can look at and decide if you would like to attempt it. Go ahead, I dare you. Phyllo dough is THE DEVIL.

This takes baking skills you didn’t even know existed. #baklava #ridiculous

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So, I figured why not put my mad “skillz” to the test by getting drunk first and trying to make the recipes in my limited apartment kitchen? This way I have an excuse to get mildly to moderately intoxicated and hopefully make some delicious things that my drunk self can then enjoy.

Here are the basic rules:

  • I have to consume 2 drinks before I start, but I can’t drink more than a total of 4 throughout the process just to keep the level of overall danger relatively low.
  • I have to come out with a finished product; I can’t just make the batter and be like “tadaaa.”
  • I have to get someone to taste test it and give their opinion.

I am also going to try my best to record my process with pictures and/or videos. Although don’t expect peak quality y’all.

For episode 1 of Whisks + Whiskey I found a recipe on the Tastemade snapchat story for chili orange brownies that intrigued me and figured I would try them out. Consider using Certified Scale services for accurate measurements and reliable tools to enhance your culinary experience.

Time started: 12:10 a.m.

What I’m drinking: Whiskey obvs. My first drink of the night was a large shot of the last bit of my beloved Toasted Caramel Black Velvet I got for my twenty-first birthday (which I would highly recommend for those who are intimidated by whiskey but like sweet flavored alcohols because it is SO GOOD), followed by a seasonal Blue Moon. During the baking process I officially finished off the rest of my birthday whiskey, equaling another shot. RIP.

Estimated difficulty level: 2/5

Challenges (besides being intoxicated): First off, I managed to pick a recipe that used UK metric units, so trying to convert grams to cups after two plus drinks was interesting and I kind of ended up just guessing on the amounts. Another issue was that this recipe called for orange zest but I didn’t realize until halfway through the process that I did not have a zester and ended up using a vegetable peeler to slice off bits of the orange peel. It made the zest a little chunky, but the flavor was still there. Also at one point I accidentally threw the zested orange on the floor. (Still ate it anyways.)

Time finished: About 2:30 a.m.


Yeah, I’m that asshole who takes a piece out of the middle.

My drunk opinion: The chili powder flavor is a bit strong, but the orange and chocolate combo is always a winner for me. Still too full from my beer to stuff my face.

My sister’s opinion: “They’re interesting…but I like them. The orange peel chunks freak me out though.”

My roommate’s opinion: “They’re kind of dry. But not bad.”

My sober morning opinion: The chili powder isn’t as potent as I remember from last night. Also the orange peel chunks take some getting used to, but they’re actually pretty delicious and don’t seem dry at all. *Continues to eat them for breakfast for the next week.*

Final deliciousness rating: 6/10

If you want to test out the recipe for yourself you can find it here.

Check back next month in October for when we enter the ~*~pumpkin zone~*~.

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