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2012 B1G Wrestling Championships Weekend Recap


West Lafayette, Ind- The 2012 B1G Wrestling Tournament showcased some of the most talented teams in the country battling it out for 74 individual automatic qualifiers for the NCAA Tournament in St. Louis Missouri March 15-17. Mackey Arena, of Purdue University, played great host to the event, even though the crowd that gathered was small. The small crowd made lots of noise and there was a good deal of passionate wrestling on the mat. Minnesota lead the way after the first 2 sessions, and day 1 by a score of 117, with Iowa and Penn State close behind. For day 1 recap CLICK HERE

Day 2 got underway with the Iowa Hawkeyes, Matt McDonough capturing his second straight B1G title in his third victory of the season over Minnesota’s Zac Sanders (dec 6-1). The Hawkeyes looked poised to strike, but Ramos fell to freshman, #1 seed Logan Stieber of Ohio State, 5-2 in the 133 finals match. The ending of the match was extremely controversial with Ramos jawing at Stieber and mimicking his opponent backing away. There is a good chance that Ramos and Stieber could meet again in St. Louis for another great match. At 141, Kellen Russell of Michigan became the 11th wrestler all-time to win 4 straight B1G Championships, defeating Iowa’s Montell Marion 7-2.

#1 Frank Molinaro (Penn State) defeated #3 Dylan Ness (Minnesota) 15-0 to score the technical fall points and essentially solidify Penn State at the top of the rankings. Derek St John, who battled injury all season long for the Hawkeyes defeated Northwestern’s Jason Welch 4-3 to keep the Hawkeyes in it, but Penn State went on a tear in the 165 and 174 weight classes. David Taylor and Ed Ruth of Penn State each won their championship bouts, Taylor defeating freshman Mike Evans of Iowa, and Ruth defeating Logan Storley (Minnesota) 11-2 and 13-2. David Taylor was named the B1G Wrestler of the year for 2012 going undefeated, 27-0.

Kevin Steinhaus the #1 seed from Minnesota took down Josh Inhen in OT 3-1 at 184 for the Gophers, but Penn State was too much in the end. The 197 championship bout had Mario Gonzalez from Illinois defeating in dominant fashion, Powless of Indiana 10-4. Bobby Telford, Iowa’s HWT wrestled a tough match against Tony Nelson in the Championship there to see which team would place 2nd and 3rd, and Nelson got the better of Telford, 2-0.

The B1G Co-Wrestlers of the Championship were Frank Molinaro (PSU) and Kellen Russell (MICH)
B1G Freshman of the Year was Logan Stieber (OSU)
Cael Sanderson (PSU) won his second straight B1G Coach of the Year

Team Standings:
1. Penn State 149
2. Minnesota 134
3. Iowa 126
4. Illinois: 105.5
5. Ohio State 91
6. Northwestern 75
7. Michigan 66
8. Nebraska 65
9. Purdue 51.5
T-10. Indiana 41
T-10. Michigan State 41
12. Wisconsin 9

The Penn State Nittany Lions captured its 2nd straight B1G Title under B1G coach of the year Cael Sanderson

Individual Bracket Results with NCAA Championship Qualfiers (AQ=+Automatic Qualifier for NCAA)

1. Matt McDonough (Iowa) AQ
2. Zac Sanders (Minnesota) AQ
3. Jesse Delgado (Illinois) AQ
4. Levi Mele (Northwestern) AQ
5. Nico Megaludis (Penn State) AQ
6. Camden Eppert (Purdue) AQ
7. Johnni DiJulius (Ohio State)
8. Austin Hietpas (Wisconsin)

1. Logan Stieber (Ohio State) AQ
2. Tony Ramos (Iowa) AQ
3. B.J. Futrell (Illinois) AQ
4. Zach Stevens (Michigan) AQ
5. Cashe Quiroga (Purdue) AQ
6. Chris Dardanes (Minnesota) AQ
7. Frank Martellotti (Penn State) AQ
8. Ridge Kiley (Nebraska)

1. Kellen Russell (Michigan) AQ
2. Montell Marion (Iowa) AQ
3. Hunter Stieber (Ohio State) AQ
4. Nick Dardanes (Minnesota) AQ
5. Jake Sueflohn (Nebraska) AQ
6. Daryl Thomas (Illinois)
7. Bryan Pearsoll (Penn State)
8. Brandon Nelson (Purdue)

1. Frank Molinaro (Penn State) AQ
2. Dylan Ness (Minnesota) AQ
3. Eric Grajales (Michigan) AQ
4. Taylor Walsh (Indiana) AQ
5. Cam Tessari (Ohio State) AQ
6. Ivan Lopouchanski (Purdue) AQ
7. Kaleb Friedley (Northwestern) AQ
8. Eric Terrazas (Illinois) AQ
9. Dan Osterman (Michigan State) AQ

1. Derek St. John (Iowa) AQ
2. Jason Welch (Northwestern) AQ
3. Dylan Alton (Penn State) AQ
4. Anthony Jones (Michigan State) AQ
5. James Green (Nebraska) AQ
6. Josh Demas (Ohio State) AQ
7. Jackson Morse (Illinois)
8. Tommy Churchard (Purdue)

1. David Taylor (Penn State) AQ
2. Mike Evans (Iowa) AQ
3. Robert Kokesh (Nebraska) AQ
4. Conrad Polz (Illinois) AQ
5. Cody Yohn (Minnesota) AQ
6. Pierce Harger (Northwestern) AQ
7. Dan Yates (Michigan) AQ
8. David Cheza (Michigan State)

1. Ed Ruth (Penn State) AQ
2. Logan Storley (Minnesota) AQ
3. Ethen Lofthouse (Iowa) AQ
4. Lee Munster (Northwestern) AQ
5. Jordan Blanton (Illinois) AQ
6. Nick Heflin (Ohio State) AQ
7. Justin Zeerip (Michigan) AQ
8. Curran Jacobs (Michigan State) AQ
9. Ryan LeBlanc (Indiana) AQ

1. Kevin Steinhaus (Minnesota) AQ
2. Josh Ihnene (Nebraska) AQ
3. Quentin Wright (Penn State) AQ
4. Tony Dallago (Illinois) AQ
5. Grant Gambrall (Iowa) AQ
6. Ian Hinton (Michigan State) AQ
7. Braden Atwood (Purdue) AQ
8. C.J. Magrum (Ohio State)

1. Mario Gonzalez (Illinois) AQ
2. Matt Powless (Indiana) AQ
3. Sonny Yohn (Minnesota) AQ
4. Andrew Campolattano (Ohio State) AQ
5. Morgan McIntosh (Penn State) AQ
6. A.J. Kissel (Purdue) AQ
7. James Nakashima (Nebraska) AQ
8. Max Huntley (Michigan)

285 (HWT):
1. Tony Nelson (Minnesota) AQ
2. Bobby Telford (Iowa) AQ
3. Cameron Wade (Penn State) AQ
4. Mike McMullan (Northwestern) AQ
5. Adam Chalfant (Indiana) AQ
6. Steve Andrus (Michigan State) AQ
7. Tucker Lane (Nebraska) AQ
8. Cole Tobin (Wisconsin) AQ
9. Ben Apland (Michigan) AQ
10. Peter Capone (Ohio State) AQ