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Preview: KRUI Launch Party w/ Dan Deacon


KRUI and Gabe’s are happy to announce that the genius electronic musician and composer, Dan Deacon, will be headlining the KRUI Logo and Website Launch Party on Saturday, February 12th.

In no uncertain terms, Dan Deacon is absolutely the perfect choice to celebrate all the work put into the station this year. Whether it’s on his consistently “Best New Music’d” albums or in his famed high-energy, high-audience-involvement live show (in which he plants himself right in the middle of the crowd), Deacon delivers song after song with infectious energy and blissful sweaty power. This show simply cannot be missed.

For the first time in nearly a decade KRUI is introducing a new logo and website so we can provide Iowa City with more of the alternative content we’ve been providing for over 25 years. This show is the culmination of years of hard work, dedication and passion for a radio station we all love so much. It will be a righteous party.

Support for the show will include…

Night People Records masterminds Shawn Reed and Ryan Garbes, formerly of Raccoo-oo-oon, ready to blow your mind with lo-fi awesome. Get stoked.

Two bros on Mission Freak! Records, formerly Porno Galactica. Nate Lodgson of Mumford’s said it best: “Utopia Park takes venues apart. This pair of beat-loving, hook-producing, dance-enabling brothers from Fairfield, Iowa are able to completely deconstruct the dimensions of a space with their music, their show and their energy.”

GOLDEN DUST: too new to even have a link
Friends of Wet Hair, opening things up. Shawn Reed describes them for us: “really good cold wave dark synth pop type stuff, all vintage synth style.”

The concert will be at Gabe’s, 330 E. Washington Street. Tickets are on sale now from the IMU Box Office and at  Check out for more information.


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