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In-studio: Warren Haynes

Warren (left) and interviewer James Ferguson-Mahan (right)

Rock n’ Roll & guitar legend Warren Haynes (ala Government Mule, The Dead, TheĀ AllmanĀ Brothers) stopped by KRUI last Friday before the Yonder Mountain String Band and Government Mule homecoming concert. Warren talked about such topics as; growing up in North Carolina, being one of the greatest guitar players of all-time (23rd according to Rolling Stone), and well, quite honestly, just listen to the link below if your interested. We thank you for the interview Mr. Haynes! It was an honor and a pleasure!


2 responses to “In-studio: Warren Haynes

  1. It was a fantastic show. I could tell that many of the students had not heard of Gov’t Mule before and now they’re fans for life. Warren Haynes smiled more than usual.

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