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Thanksgiving at KRUI

Happy Thanksgiving from your favorite local radio station.
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RT Blog Post: Development in Downtown Iowa City

By KRUI News Reporter Lauren Siebert On Saturday, March 24th, the KRUI News Team invited Anna Wickes, social media guru of Revival Clothing Store, and Tara Cronbaugh, president, head of accounting and owner of The Java House, into the studio to discuss development in downtown Iowa City. Many Iowa City residents are familiar with the changes that have been taking place in downtown since the 2008 floods, but the city council and local business owners and developers have been working on comprehensive growth plans for the city since 1997. Called the Comprehensive Plan, it defines a vision and a … Continued

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This Week in Global Unrest is a weekly radio segment and podcast covering strikes, protests, marches, and people’s movements from across the world. I look for the stories that you don’t hear on corporate media broadcasts inside the US and always strive for a protester perspective. I also try to provide an in-depth look into the context of complicated international stories that larger news outlets may only consider in their headlines. Whether you are interested in austerity, the environmental movement, the IMF and World Bank, corporate greed, police brutality, or just a good street fight, This Week in Global Unrest … Continued

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