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This Week in Global Unrest Segments


This Week in Global Unrest is a weekly radio segment and podcast covering strikes, protests, marches, and people’s movements from across the world. I look for the stories that you don’t hear on corporate media broadcasts inside the US and always strive for a protester perspective. I also try to provide an in-depth look into the context of complicated international stories that larger news outlets may only consider in their headlines. Whether you are interested in austerity, the environmental movement, the IMF and World Bank, corporate greed, police brutality, or just a good street fight, This Week in Global Unrest is for you!

This Week in Global Unrest 2/21/12: [audio:]

This Week in Global Unrest 3/6/12: In this session of, This Week in Global Unrest, we’ll go to southern Chile, where residents have blockaded the entire region in order to force the government to address grievances about high costs and inequity. After that, it’s headlines from protests in China, Virginia, and the dockworkers’ strike in Argentina.


This Week in Global Unrest 4/17/12: Twelve hundred Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails begin indefinite hunger strike. Forty international activists arrested in Israel after fly-in protest. Inmates in Brazilian prison revolted on Sunday, taking 131 hostages. Workers on the London Underground subway system will begin a 72 hour strike next Tuesday over unequal pension and travel benefits.


This Week in Global Unrest 4/26/12: 85 arrested in Montreal after peaceful protest over tuition hikes becomes a riot. Bahraini protesters attack police with Molotov cocktails after the death of a  36 year-old Formula One Grand Prix protester. Vietnamese farmers evicted from their land in Hanoi to make way for development project.