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Label Lookout – Spring ’24

Label Lookout, a semi-regular series at KRUI highlighting a few exciting contemporary record labels and what they have to offer. Here we feature six of the station’s favorite labels in this Spring ’24 Edition.

Interview: Laura Bergus on Authoritarianism in Iowa

Lawyer and Iowa City city council member Laura Bergus talks about the alarming recent trend of authoritarianism in Iowa. She also elaborates on why the government is targeting trans people, and the purpose of the Back the Blue laws.


A Case For Football

Waking up on a cool fall Friday morning still gives me chills. I still get excited walking to class when the brisk wind is rustling the autumn trees. Whenever the weather is warm and I walk by a turf field, the distinct rubber smell somehow finds my nose, taking me back every time without failure. Every once in a while, it will spark a text message to an old friend or an old coach. It reminds me of memories and lessons I’ve stored in my head that I don’t think I’ll ever forget. As Chris Borland, the former San Francisco … Continued

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