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Witching Hour Preview: Hrishikesh Hirway & Jenny Owen Youngs

Hrishikesh Hirway is a classic triple threat: podcaster, Netflix show host, and musician. He is most known for his award-winning podcast “Song Exploder”. This podcast, and later Netflix original series, features artists and musicians. Hirway and the guest dive into the how and why their song was created. He features guests like Halsey, Brendon Urie, Maren Morris, Willow, Rick Astley, and several other large artists. He is also producer, host, and co-host of the popular podcasts, “Home Cooking”, “The West Wing Weekly”, and “Partners”.

A photo of Hirway in a featured article from the New York Times

Along with his extensive podcast experience, Hirway is quite the musician himself. He has songs featured on television shows and movies under the label The One AM Radio. The magazine Fast Company named him one of the Most Creative People in Business in the year 2021. Besides making works of art, you can find him giving TED talks and advising the Library of Congress.

Jenny Owen Youngs is an American singer-songwriter and podcaster. She is well known for her albums including Batten The Hatches, Transmitter Failure, and An Unwavering Band of Light, as well as her podcast “Buffering The Vampire Slayer”.

Pictured: Kristen Russo (left) and Jenny Owen Youngs (right) the co-hosts of  Buffering The Vampire Slayer

Youngs and Hirway are making their way to Iowa City’s Witching Hour festival. Their performance begins at 7:30 p.m., Oct. 27 at the Englert Theatre.