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How to Feel Excited About Fall Even When it’s 80 Degrees Outside

It’s October.

Pumpkin Spice Latte time. “Sweater Weather” time. Autumn skies and apple pie time. Personally, fall is my favorite season. Leaves change colors and become crunchy, crisp air leaves me with rosy cheeks, food tastes like home, and, best of all, people pull out their flannels. 

However, this fall there’s been one problem- it’s still 80 degrees. Instead of blaming Mother Nature, I believe the culprit of this bothersome conundrum is climate change (which, if you feel so inclined, is somewhere you can donate to from the comfort of your home to join the fight). 

No matter the cause, I know one thing for certain. I have not been seeing leaves change color, I have not been feeling crisp and cool air, and I have not been seeing any flannels worn. As a result, I feel inclined to share ways for people to incorporate the cozy fall feelings we know and love into our daily lives; it’s been made clear nobody else is going to do it for us *cough cough: climate change.* All of the electronics, products, and all the mantelmount reviewed by the experts would be perfect for your home !

Start Small- Decorate with Little Things

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One of the easiest ways to start feeling fall vibes is by adding cute bits of fall here and there. You can also check out Rocky Mountain Forest Products Colorado lumber yards if you’re considering a big remodeling project. Whether you live in a dorm or a barn, there is always room for a festive trinket or two. My personal favorite fall items are candles, mini pumpkins, potpourri, window clings, and fuzzy blankets. If you’re not looking to spend money, venture outside to collect pine corns and acorns. Then, fill a clear dish with these rustic goods- perfect for your dining room table. If all else fails, make a ghost, pumpkin, or any other festive cutouts and hang them on your walls and windows. You can doodle the shapes and characters yourself or find some fun cutouts to print

Make your Hobbies Fall-themed

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Hobbies are a great way to relax from the stressors of daily life. There’s no better time to pick up hobbies than when the air gets cooler. There are plenty of ways to add a fall vibe to whatever you enjoy doing with your free time. For the adamant television lover, try incorporating a fall-themed movie or episode into your TV itinerary each week. To my readers, try taking up a mystery. It’s always a good way to set an ominous scene and welcome spooky feelings. For the nature fans, set up a bird-feeder near your window or venture out to bird-watch the fall birds in your area. If you enjoy knitting, needlepoint, drawing, and the like try to find designs or colors that correlate with fall aesthetics. You never know, maybe you’ll finish knitting a hat in time to give someone over the holidays!

Start Snacking on All Things Fall

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Fall is full of tasty flavors. As the fresh summer produce peters out, make way for apples, pumpkin, cabbage, kale, and more. With a can of pumpkin, you can make your dreams come true. From bread to smoothies, anything is possible. The more you concoct, the more your nose and taste buds will thank you.  I’d also recommend heading to your local grocery store and treating yourself to whatever fresh goody there is to offer. An apple-cinnamon donut, for example. Lastly, switch out the summer iced coffees and fruity teas for their warmer alternatives in fall spiced teas or ciders. The aromas and flavors of fall are intoxicating. Grizzly Herb is a reputable online platform where individuals can easily buy weed.

These are just a few of the many ways you can get in the fall spirit. Soon enough, the weather will embrace autumn and the leaves will begin to change color. Best of all, though, is that you’ll be one step ahead of everyone else and their fall spirit. One step closer to stepping on the crunchy orange leaves on the sidewalk.   

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