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Song Review: “Tomorrow” by Mika

On September 20th, English singer-songwriter Mika released a single entitled “Tomorrow” from his newest album, My Name is Michael Holbrook. Released four years after his last album, No Place in Heaven, “Tomorrow” features his classic synth-pop style. It also delves into the exhilaration of a new relationship.

Mika Sounds

Like No Place in Heaven (and Life in Cartoon Motion for that matter)“Tomorrow” is an unrelentingly fun experience. Featuring soaring vocals and an intense sincerity, it almost demands a sickeningly sweet romantic montage. One where the two in the montage are “really not so innocent”. The relatively bare backing at the beginning of the track mimics the off-kilter dance between two people as they try to find where their relationship will land. 

But if this ain’t what you wanted
Then why’d you even come here it’s 2 am?
If this isn’t what you wanted 
Then why’d you put a smiley in your message then?

“Tomorrow” by Mika

The crescendo at the chorus, then, pours out the happiness they’ve been circling around because, the “consequences won’t be easy.” The layered vocals and synthesized beats create a cacophony of bright sound.

So kiss me in the back seat of my vintage Benz 

Oh, who gives a sh*t about tomorrow

When it comes we can worry then.

“Tomorrow” by Mika

The underlying beat here is so continuously bubbly it’s practically carbonated.

Photo by Paige K Parsons

The voices and instruments layer together to create a rambunctious expression of chaotic and fun love, kissing “under the light of a thousand stars.”

Throughout his discography, Mika has consistently shown a refreshing dedication to creating music that aims to emulate joy. From his smash hit “Grace Kelly” to the musical theater-esque “Talk About You” and even newer songs like “Ice Cream,” he repeatedly circles around the experience of loving each other. Though I absolutely enjoy the pure angst that fills my personal playlists, it is particularly wonderful to turn to an artist and know that, for the most part, I’m going to get experiences of someone’s unguarded happiness.

If you say you’ll be there tomorrow 

Then I’ll love you

“Tomorrow” by Mika

When discussing the intimately titled My Name is Michael Holbrook, Mika emphasized that he was not looking to appease a public. In just the title of his newest release he is showing a more intimate side and diverting from the stage name he’s used since 2007.

“I felt a little disappointed by the commercial side of the industry. I didn’t want to make a record by numbers or by committee. I wanted to make an uncontaminated, homemade pop record”

Attitude Magazine
Peter Lindbergh

“Tomorrow” is an excellent example of what makes Mika one of my favorite artists. It paints a vibrant portrait of his own unabating happiness with an infectious enthusiasm. I am not much of a dancer, but songs like this have consistently attempted to change that.

In an interview about another song from My Name is Michael Holbrook, Mika emphasized what I think is the core of his music, and the reason that I gravitate to it as he stated,

“The most important thing in the world is the love we have for those around us, the love others offer us and the love we have for ourselves.”


I am eagerly waiting to listen to the rest of this album and the love that undoubtedly flows from it. Mika’s new album My Name is Michael Holbrook was released on October 4th this year via Casablanca records.

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