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Mission Creek: American Short Fiction @ The Mill 4/8/2017

The sun is shining, the wind is blowing, and books are being opened.

via: Constance Judd

What a wonderful day to finally welcome spring with open arms by heading down to The Mill and checking out the American Short Fiction 8th Annual Literary Magazine & Small Press Book Fair.

Ranging in all forms of literary genres, once again, American Short Fiction banded together to advocate creative work by not only established voices but emerging ones as well. Taking a leap of faith to present the public with a mixture of fresh and conventional creations, once again, the event was successful and worth noting.

From the beginning to the very end, the book fair was lively with a diverse crowd, which luckily brought about an atmosphere that was more than welcoming. Each booth provided a variety of information either about an up-in-coming author, publishing house, or opportunities for the public to partake in. It gave everyone in attendance a chance to learn something new and even broaden their horizons by expanding their literary preferences.

via: Constance Judd

I really enjoyed the opportunity to talk one-on-one with either authors and publishers. It provided me and everyone else the chance to actually engage with the literary world and get an inside perspective on a world that usually for the general public is unattainable. It was heartwarming to speak with both authors and publishers in regards to how open they were in sharing the stories of their journeys throughout their participation in the literary world. By being able to simply talk to them and be in their presence, you could actually feel the love and passion they have for the literary world and it was something that words can’t describe.

It was love and passion in it’s purest form.

What was more intriguing and worthwhile than anything else was the simple fact that the book fair was not solely centered on authors and publishers native to Iowa but opened to fellow authors and publishers from across the Midwest. It was nostalgic to see literary events that I participated in back in my hometown Chicago in attendance at the book fair. It left an everlasting impression that the literary world has no bounds and is truly opened and meant for everyone.

via: Constance Judd

Overall, the American Short Fiction 8th Annual Literary Magazine & Small Press book fair was a success in my eyes. It was amazing to see how full circle the literary world comes in regards to how they open their doors to the public and remember where they came from. Taking a moment to go back to the beginning and speak with people who share the same love and passion for the literary world as themselves, the authors and publishers that attended the book fair are more than simply being inspirational and motivational characters.

They are role models for our youth.

If I was to give the show a rating, it would be as follows:

Overall: ★★★★☆

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