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Track of the Week: “Tame One” by Your Friend

Krui MillerTaryn Blake Miller, recent grad from the University of Kansas, puts her linguistics degree to use in her one-woman project, Your Friend.

Her six track EP, Jekyll/Hyde, was re-released under Domino Records earlier this month. Your Friend is gaining momentum, performing at SXSW last month and touring alongside Courtney Barnett this summer.

Originating in her bedroom, Your Friend took to the stage to bring music that resonates in all the right ways. “Tame One” naturally becomes the signature track with soft, yet compelling lyrics that are complimented by layers of melodic guitar. It erupts into a nostalgic ode that can’t be ignored.

Check out the official music video for Tame One and if you like what you hear, you can purchase Jekyll/Hyde on iTunes and give her Facebook page a like to stay up to speed.

Sounds like: Atlas Sound, Wye Oak,