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Track of the Week: “Banana Mae” By Why?

This week’s Track of the Week is “Banana Mae” by Why?

“Banana Mae”, the 2nd track of Why?’s new 7 track EP, Golden Tickets, is definitely a humorous and lighter track than we usually feature. It’s a nice change of pace for both us and our listeners.

The song is mainly a satirical track about band member Yoni Wolf’s interactions with a fan on Twitter. It will definitely keep you tapping your fingers, and smiling throughout. So will the rest of the EP, which is according to, “. . . a seven song collection of personalized tracks crafted by Wolf for seven individual Why?¬†fans he’d internet stalked over the course of several months.”

Why? will be playing The Mill in Iowa City 10/2. The show is at 7 pm, and it is also all ages. So go, have fun, and hear some clever and catchy music.

Buy the new album Golden Tickets, on iTunes, and check out the track below: