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Mission Creek: Was The Word @ The Englert, 4/6/14

englert_final_1_5Iowa City’s own Was the Word brought interesting poets, stories and music to join Mission Creek Festival at its home base, The Englert Theatre, on Sunday night, April 6.

The evening started with a country music band playing music full of  lovely beats and light tempos welcoming the audiences. The host, Megan Gogerty, started with her energetic speaking style, hilarious content, and vivid body performances, introducing the non-profit partner, Iowa Youth Writing Project (IYWP) for the performance this time around..The host and the band went alternatively with readers. Gogerty brought the audience laughter with her unique hosting style

The topic for today’s event was The Future’s So Bright … Celebrating a new generation of storytellers and voice.

There were more than 10 readers taking turns getting on stage, and reading and sharing their work out loud with the audience. Several readers were students , such as Audrey Smith, a senior student from UI, and Lu Shen, a UI international student from China. Each one had their own different topics. For example, topics about dream, identity or even Hollywood. The readers also had their own reading style, including fast paced spoken word, speaking in lively measured tones, and qunique facial expressions and gestures.

Was the Word was founded in 2009. According to their website, their mission is to seek to connect individuals, communities, and organizations through the power of the spoken word. They are a non-profit organization and also work with a lot of other non-profit organizations. This time, they are working with Iowa Youth Writing Project which also aims to empower, inspire, and educate Iowa’s youth through language arts and creative thinking

Many audience members stated they came to the performance supporting their friends or family who were performing or reading. However, many of them agreed that it is a great and helpful event on spreading more literature literacy.

For more information, like Was The Word on Facebook or follow them on Twitter.

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