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Chiefs Shake Up Talk at Top of NFL Draft


The number one selection in the upcoming NFL draft was already a bit of a question mark. It seemed that the general consensus a few months ago was that it would be West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith. Lately, it was more 50/50 between Geno Smith and Texas A&M offensive tackle Luke Joeckel.

Now, things have been shaken up even further. New General Manager John Dorsey and Head Coach Andy Reid have already made huge moves at both positions.

AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez
Reports state that the Chiefs plan to trade for current 49er Alex Smith when trading begins next week. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez)

It was reported during the NFL combine that they will trade for San Francisco 49ers backup quarterback Alex Smith on March 12th when teams are free to trade. This made it look almost certain that they will be selecting Joeckel.

On Monday, the Chiefs re-signed wide receiver Dwayne Bowe to a five-year deal which not only locked him up long-term, but also allowed them to use the franchise tag on left tackle Brandon Albert.

These moves change both everything and nothing.

They lessen the need to go with a quarterback or a left tackle. That initially gives the indication that they will be selecting another position. However, it may not change much if they intend to draft Geno Smith and develop him behind Alex Smith or if they intend on drafting Luke Joeckel anyway and either moving Albert to right tackle, inside to left guard, or just playing things by ear and seeing where things take them down the road.

Of course, they could always trade the selection as well. Only one thing is certain with just over a month left until the NFL draft and that is that nothing is certain.