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Track of the Week: “Tiny Tortures” by Flying Lotus


Flying Lotus describes “Tiny Tortures,” one of the standouts from his recent (and excellent)¬†Until the Quiet Comes, as his “mischevious song,” a song he made quietly around other people so no one else could hear him play. If there really is mischief here, though, it’s buried pretty deep.

What “Tiny Tortures” does show is a producer that considers his work so delicate that another person’s breath might knock the whole thing over. It’s a dreamy track, sparse enough to almost see through, but rich with foggy, internal dialogue. A muddy bass snakes its way through a pencil-thin drum program like smoke around a skeleton, getting thicker and thicker until it’s almost opaque, but the three-minute mark cuts it off to trail behind you as a muted memory. Word on the street is it’s getting a video sometime soon.