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The Least Shameful Lab Show of All Time: No Shame Radio

Fridays at 7pm until 9pm you are treated to what is, avoiding hyperbole (always a simple task), the most amazing and incredibly theatrical Lab show in the history of man.

What show, you ask?  Fools!  Surely you know!  No Shame Radio!

“No Shame Radio?”


No Shame Radio is run primarily by  Sean Burnham, and most frequently co-hosted by Craig Martin and Noah Brown, and occasionally starring any other friends/enemies who wander into the studio. The show is a mass of 90’s nostalgia, pop- and cult-culture, frequently-disgusting jokes and puns, and know-it-all-ism that swirls around a chunky core of apathy, nerdery, and friendship.

Each week’s show has a specific topic or two (ranging from scariest memories to dreams to random encounters to etc.), and the conversation runs away from there (to superheroes and Yu-gi-oh and Ray Bradbury and [censored]).

Furthermore, they also pay tribute to their estranged parent, No Shame Theatre (no relation), by performing submitted theatrical content, as well as reading through old radio dramas. No Shame Radio isn’t for the faint of heart or mind, but it should have a little something for everyone. Especially you, ladies.

Is your sense of art aroused?  (yes, it is very aroused)

Prepare to have your wit and your ears fondled