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AL MVP: There’s No Wrong Answer


MIke Trout or Miguel Cabrera… Who would you take for American League MVP? This is a question sportswriters, fans, and even Major League Baseball players have been debating constantly. These two players are having arguably two of the best single season performances in baseball history. This has led to one of the tightest MVP races in recent memory. All I can say is, either candidate would be more than deserving to win the prestigious award.
On one side of the coin you have a twenty one year old phenom in Mike Trout who is the definition of a five tool player. Lets be honest, is there anything this kid can’t do? He was called up to the Major Leagues last season for 40 games at age 19. Yes that is correct, age 19. There have been only a select few ever to play in the Major Leagues in their teens, and Trout’s opponent for the AL MVP happened to be one of them for the Florida Marlins years ago. Trout could not even go to bars with his teammates on road trips because he was underage. When a reporter asked him what he does for fun on off days, he said he goes to Disney World with his friends.
Now that you have taken that in, I’m going to hit you with the numbers that this kid is putting up. He is hitting .321, has 30 home runs, 80 RBI’s, and his on-base percentage is .395. That’s not even the best part. He is known as the fastest player in the MLB and has 48 stolen bases to show for it. On top of all that, he is arguably the top outfielder in the game. If you watch SportsCenter, you know that Trout is a regular on the Top Ten Plays with his fantastic catches.
Now to the other side of the coin. Miguel Cabrera is chasing one of the most historic titles in sports history: the triple crown. This means that a player finishes the season first in the categories of batting average, home runs, and RBI’s. This hasn’t been done since Carl Yastrzemski in 1967, which shows how rare it is. As of Tuesday, Cabrera is first in batting average at .325, tied for first in home runs at 43, and first in RBI’s with 136.
The offensive numbers that Cabrera is putting up are truly astounding, especially considering the fact that his home ballpark, Comerica Field, is one of the hardest to hit home runs in. Cabrera has been incredibly clutch down the stretch of the regular season and has carried the Tigers to the playoffs, past the White Sox, in the AL Central.
Now let the debate begin. Do you take the player who is excelling at every aspect of the game, or the player who is chasing a triple crown that hasn’t been done since 1967. Many people have said, “You have to pick a player who wins the triple crown.” This is true, however baseball experts have said that Trout is putting up the best overall season in MLB history. So you have to pick him right?
In my opinion, Miguel Cabrera should win the MVP for one reason. His team won their division and they are heading to the playoffs. Cabrera has literally carried them offensively and an MVP has to do whatever it takes to make sure that his team wins. The Angels are not making the playoffs. Otherwise, I’d give the award to Trout for an all-around better season. It is rare that a league MVP’s team does not make the playoffs, which is why I’d choose Cabrera.
The awarding of the MVP is going to top off two of the greatest single season performances the MLB has ever seen. Both players are very deserving, and it’s too bad that only one player will win it. It will be very interesting to see who actually wins the award, because the voters literally can’t go wrong.

Who will win the prestigious American League MVP trophy?
Miguel Cabrera is mobbed by his teammates at home plate after hitting a walk-off home run to beat the Cleveland Indians. (Photo:
Mike Trout robs a home run at Camden Yards to make one of the most memorable catches of the baseball season. (Photo: