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Cody’s Bracket (What We All Want: Part 2)

LSU quarterback Jarrett Lee

By Cody Goodwin

…Continued from “What We All Want: The 2011-2012 BCS Playoff Scenario”

But now that the teams are seeded, how would it actually look on paper?


I’m glad you asked. Check this out (click image to enlarge).



Cody Goodwin's new playoff scheme
Ladies and gentlemen, your BCS playoff in the flesh. Or on screen. (Click to image to enlarge) (Cody Goodwin)


A bit small, yes, but you get the general idea. Based on the seeding, the only discrepancy would be pitting Wisconsin against Michigan State in the first round. Otherwise, everybody else panned out rather nicely. Some of the more featured match ups would include Georgia against Clemson, the Hokies against Mountaineers, and Bill Snyder against Andrew Luck.


LSU quarterback Jarrett Lee
LSU sits happily undefeated while everyone else jostles for a spot (Bill Haber/Associated Press)

Note that the Tide would have to win twice in order to get another crack at LSU, including having to get past Oklahoma State, or whoever beat them. At the same time, Oregon will have to do the same, getting passed LSU in order to have another crack at the national championship.


Doesn’t that seem nice? An actual playoff where you could follow along with what not? In a perfect world, I would also see it to where the losers of specific games would drop to specific bowl games, in order to keep the bowl tradition in line.


You’re probably wondering about the BCS games as well. Don’t you worry; since there are four of them, the losers of each of the quarterfinals would drop to a BCS bowl. Because in a perfect world, the losers of the semifinals would also drop to a BCS bowl (in which this case needs to be added, making five BCS bowls, plus the national title game) and duke it out for third best football team in the nation.


But of course that’s only in a perfect world, making every bit of this playoff completely and utterly hypothetical.


But a man can dream, though. A man can dream.



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