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Why the allure of the zombie?

By KRUI News Reporter Emily Woodbury

“George Romero’s film, Night of the Living Dead, has captured the minds and brains of each generation since its release in 1968. Young and old, everyone can mimic the quintessential zombie roar. But with each generation, zombies are changing, and they are becoming especially popular recently. In the past few years, zombies have been searched in Google six times as much as they were before 2008. There’s been multiple comic and video game releases, along with zombie marches, live action outbreak games…there’s even a zombie apocalypse restaurant opening in Des Moines.

KRUI reporter Emily Woodbury, went to the University of Iowa to find out why the undead are such an appealing genre, and why now? She spoke with two students, Daniel Eliserio and Brad Gaspelin, as they played one of the latest zombie video games, Left 4 Dead.”

Listen to the feature here:


Voices from Zombie Prom 2011:

Listen to this “vox pop” to find out why University of Iowa students love zombies and what they think is the best way to kill a zombie.