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Tuesday Tirade: Sox and Yankees Pitching

KRUI Sports Staffer Patrick Williams compares the pitching holes in the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees rotation.

Josh Beckett must improve upon last year's 6.21 ERA (photo from

What do you think? What team will have the better starting pitchers in 2011? Leave us a comment and get in on the conversation.  

One response to “Tuesday Tirade: Sox and Yankees Pitching

  1. I’m confused. Yes, Beckett and Lackey didn’t have ideally good performances for the Red Sox last year, but are they the “holes” in the rotation? I would say no way. Both of those guys have held the No. 1 rotation spot at different points in their careers. Sure, they need to have better seasons, but they don’t put a damper in the rotation for Boston. For the Yankees, you clearly say there is currently competition in spring training for the fourth and fifth spots. But were are the holes?

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