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Bottom 5: Meltdown Edition


By Nick Robertson

5. Lost in the Woods.

 Kicking off this list of five is none other then Tiger Woods. After being placed as a top seed in the Match Play Championship in Arizona he lost on an extra hole to be eliminated in the first round by 20th seed Thomas Bjorn. Tiger looked like he had regained his young swagger by sinking a clutch birdie shot to send the match to an extra hole, but that was the end of the new/old Tiger, the next shot he sent quite literally into a desert where he then would have boogied the hole, but Bjorn made his shot before Tiger could even recover. The downward spiral continues for the once great Woods.



4. No Family Matter  

The next story on the count down is no laughing matter. This week a video showing the head couch of the Holy Family University men’s basketball team John O’Connor grabbing a ball from player Matt Kravchuk knocking him to the ground, the coach then proceeded to kick his player while he was on the ground. Kravchuk filed a police report over the incident, which resulted in the suspension of O’Connor. After finding out the Kruvchuk was not intending to press charges O’Connor stepped down from his coaching position at the university. In an apology O’Connor claimed that he wasn’t crossing the line with his actions. I think I can speak for a lot of people when I say, are you kidding me?

3. Streak Buster 

All streaks must come to an end eventually; some just take longer than others. The Caltech men’s basketball team’s 301 game conference losing streak could not have been broken soon enough. It was a 26 year long streak which started in 1985, which means Ronald Regan was in office, the internet had not even been thought of, and yours truly was eight years from being born when this streak began. Caltech defeated conference rival La Verne 46-45 to move their record to 5-20. Baby steps.

2. Fighting Colonials?

  A nickname change maybe in order at Vanderbilt University after  the men’s basketball game between the Colonials and the Tennessee Volunteers, the Universities mascot Mr. C was crowd surfing in the student section when his foot became caught on a student’s shoulder. Mr. C then proceeded to give a solid right hook to the students face giving him a very bloody nose. Though there is a lot of speculation as to why Mr. C jacked up his fellow student, some believe that he was simply trying to release his foot and the shot was accidental, others believe that the student had said a few choice words to Mr. C, which caused the mascot to react accordingly. The University is currently reviewing mascot activities during sporting events. Maybe they should be reviewing the schools nickname and to changing it to the “Fighting Mr. C’s.”



5. Shirts and Skins

 I personally love it when coaches have dramatic meltdowns, but nothing quite compares to this one. Greg Pankcwicz is a former NHL player and current assistant coach for the Central Hockey League’s Colorado Eagles. He became aggravated after a blown call during an Eagles game, so what is an assistant coach to do? Well let us look at someoptions. Get in the ref’s face to argue the call? Break one of the many hockey sticks on the bench then throw them on to the ice to disrupt the game? Leave the game out of anger as to not get a penalty and hurt his teams chances to win the game? Strip? Oh…okay he went with striping. That’s right, he took off his jacket, button up shirt, and undershirt out of anger and threw his clothes on to the ice. Pankcwicz is now facing a 14 game suspension for his exposure performanceAnd Canadians wonder why Hockey hasn’t caught on as much in the United States. He has also received a few calls from the Chip’n’Dales to see if he would be interested in working a few shifts.