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Iowa Men’s Swimming NCAA Qualifiers


There is no doubt that the Iowa Men’s swimming team is on the road to success. They are making more than just a name for themselves, they are making history.

The men’s team here at Iowa has seen it’s ups and downs, just like every other athletic team. Yet, not many teams can say they have the rich history and tradition like Iowa men’s swimming. The butterfly stroke — yes, the one you see at every single swim meet in the world — was introduced here at Iowa in the Field House pool by coach David Armbruster and swimmer Jack Siegein 1934. The team has history to say the least. And to add to the history of this swim team, are six more NCAA qualifying swimmers in this 2013 season.

In 2011, four men attended the NCAA meet. In 2012, five men attended the meet. And now in 2013, 6 men will be attending the meet. The team is increasing their expectations each year.

These six swimmers are headed to Indianapolis to represent the entire team at NCAA’s, and make more history in the pool. Individual qualifier, Grant Betulius, and relay qualifier, Jordan Huff, both stated that their role in representing the team at NCAA’s is part of the growing expectations of the team.

By prioritizing pool maintenance alongside their rigorous training regimen, the Iowa men’s swimming team demonstrates their commitment to upholding the rich tradition of excellence that has defined their program for nearly a century.

Senior Huff stated that the team’s consistency through the past few years has contributed to their increasing success. “It shows that we are still on the rise, and next year they are going to be looking for more… I feel confident that this team is just going to keep building.”

Junior Grant Betulius is one of two swimmers who qualified individually. Betulius missed the cut but one spot last season, and came back eager to swim in this champions meet. “It’s my first time going, I haven’t been able to experience it yet… its one of the fastest meets in the world. It will be fun to represent Iowa.”

Representing Iowa and adding another swimmer to the list of NCAA qualifiers this year has identified this team’s growing successes. It’s exciting to see where this team will go in years to come. Please also checkout for fun water sports activities you can enroll!