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Review: Sharon Van Etten – Epic


By Emily L.

In a day and age when singer/songwriters seem to be about a dime a dozen, it’s difficult to come across one that possesses a kind of holding power that separates them from the bunch.  Thankfully for us, Sharon Van Etten does just that.  The Brooklyn-based Van Etten’s haunting vocals and sincere lyrics prove that she is at the forefront of the modern pack.  Her latest album, Epic, is a wonderfully captivating collection of seven songs that instantly welcome the listener into a world of lost love and heartbreak.  The songs are a powerful, heartfelt mix that feature more layered and experimental aspects than Van Etten’s previous releases. VE’s fuller sound does not take away from the passion and intimacy that play such a key part in the songstress’s work, as seen in the hauntingly beautiful album closer, “Love More.”  It merely showcases her undisputable talent in a different light.  Epic is proof that Sharon Van Etten is a force that will only continue to grow stronger and brighter as her musical journey unfolds, and it will be an interesting journey to witness, to say the least.

Emphasis tracks: 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

RIYL: Cat Power, The Antlers, Bon Iver, Feist

Sharon Van Etten – DsharpG

Sharon Van Etten / Ba Da Bing Records

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