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Music Staff Picks: The Best Releases of April

billy woods – Aethiopes On Aethiopes, billy woods reestablishes his strengths as a storyteller, with help from producer Preservation’s experimentally jazzy beats. By now, woods has cemented himself as one of hip hop’s greatest writers, and his brooding yet clever introspection sounds especially powerful over Preservation’s musical backdropping. Samples of pianos will twinkle across some tracks, and pound discordantly on others, while electric guitars ring and horns blow. By the time the harmonica enters the equation, the beats here are unparalleled. It is an enveloping atmosphere completed by excellent percussion, which moves between hand drums, full kits, and shuffling jangles … Continued

Soccer Mommy Hints at New Sound at Mission Creek Festival

Overall, Soccer Mommy earned the headline spot at Mission Creek Festival with their bright-sounding indie underpinning the deeper, darker meaning looming in the lyrics. Sometimes, Forever releases June 24th and can be pre-ordered through her website. 


Tuesday News Update

By staff writer Snovil Dong State News Bullying in schools under fire In order to stop bullying in schools, all Iowa middle schools and high schools have been invited to submit a video about what their school has done to prevent bullying. By using on social networking sites, citizens will be able to vote on their favorite video, and the winning school will get $500 for bullying prevention. The government officer who is in charge of this event also said parents have a responsibility to monitor their children at home to stop bullying both on and off campus. Local News … Continued

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