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Music and our Mood

We listen to music every day. In the shower, on our way to and from work, while we’re making dinner– the list goes on. How does the music we listen to affect our mood, productivity, and all-around well-being on a given day? (Image via Professor Ramos)

The Best Releases of October: Music Staff Picks

The Body & BIG|BRAVE – Leaving None But Small Birds  The Body and BIG|BRAVE have each earned their tenure in metal, but together they have created an album that defies any preconceived notions one might have had for them. On Leaving None But Small Birds, both bands veer into a brand of folk rock that is rife with an eerie grit. Twangy layered strings mesh with the heavy distortion of guitars that both The Body and BIG|BRAVE are known for, creating a delicate and foreboding atmosphere. Similarly, the guttural shrieks and growls of The Body are replaced by the haunting croons of BIG|BRAVE’s lead vocalist Robin … Continued

Upon Further Review: Remove the Kid Gloves

Alas, the party is over in Pittsburgh. The brick wall that plays goaltender for the New York Rangers halted the drive to Sidney Crosby’s second Stanley Cup Tuesday, in yet another curious playoff exit for Head Coach Dan Bylsma and company. Indeed, Henrik Lundqvist was superb for his Rangers, who magnificently clawed their way out of a 3-1 series deficit to win the decisive game 7 on the road. But, where was Crosby in all of this? So promising was this season’s Penguins reincarnation, fresh off getting bulldozed by the Boston Bruins last June. After all, they did return most … Continued

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