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Screamo Prom 2K24 at Gabe’s

Hundreds of people filled into Gabe’s for the six band show colloquially dubbed as “Sceamo Prom”. The night composed of six energetic and tiring sets, for another strong showing of community in the Iowa City Hardcore Scene.

Predicting the 2015 Home Run Derby

Background: The 2015 MLB Home Run Derby will be held tonight at the Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati. Just as we have seen nearly every year in recent memory, the rules have once again been changed significantly. This year, we will see a single elimination bracket for the eight entrants. Each player will be given just five minutes to hit as many home runs as possible. However, we will see time being added on. For every two home runs that a player hits over 420 feet, they will be awarded an additional minute. If a single ball travels more than … Continued

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