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Pokey’s Fest 2 Preview

Pokey’s Fest 2 takes place in Iowa City this weekend from June 7th to June 8th. The DIY punk music festival features many Iowa City bands, along with performers from elsewhere in the Midwest, and a welcoming communal vibe.


From Sweats to Suits: How Sports Can Help You Standout From An Overcrowded Job Market

This day in age it is hard to stand out in the overcrowded job market, especially if you lack a certain degree of “professional” work experience that most recruiters look for on a resume. I am one of those people who lacks “professional” work experience, but not because I am lazy or didn’t know what I wanted to do, it’s because I was committed to the highest level of division-1 competitive sports. I was told growing up that sports would “open doors” for me because I am not like the typical student and have the ability to differentiate myself from … Continued

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