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Screamo Prom 2K24 at Gabe’s

Hundreds of people filled into Gabe’s for the six band show colloquially dubbed as “Sceamo Prom”. The night composed of six energetic and tiring sets, for another strong showing of community in the Iowa City Hardcore Scene.


What Sport is Boring?

Are baseball and soccer really more boring than Football? Well, I looked into it. Here are some facts to start off with: In 2010 in Major League Baseball, there were 22,113 runs scored in 4860 games, for a total of 4.55 runs per game. Using 2011-2012 regular season stats, the English Premier League saw 1066 goals scored over 380 matches, which comes out to 2.81 goals per match In the NFL, there were 1259 touchdowns over 256 games, an average of 4.9 touchdowns per game. The average baseball game is 180 minutes, the average soccer game is 111 minutes, and the average football game is 187 minutes. These times include timeouts, quarter … Continued

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