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Pokey’s Fest 2 Preview

Pokey’s Fest 2 takes place in Iowa City this weekend from June 7th to June 8th. The DIY punk music festival features many Iowa City bands, along with performers from elsewhere in the Midwest, and a welcoming communal vibe.


Tonight’s Match: IOC v.s. FILA

By now we all know wrestling was dropped from the Olympic line-up for the 2020 games, but do we all know why? And is the explanation even strong enough to defeat the toughest athletes in the world? The IOC decided to drop wrestling from the Olympics after voting (on) and evaluating several pieces of criteria, 39 to be exact, and the sport was graded on each. Some of the criteria included: TV Ratings, ticket sales, and global participation and popularity. When the grading was completed, wrestling was low in every category. Wrestling was then compared to the Pentathlon—the two sports … Continued

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