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Witching Hour Preview: Another Stage of Staging Ourselves

“Another Stage of Staging Ourselves” is taking over the Englert’s stage this Saturday, October 29th.

“Another Stage of Staging Ourselves” is a dance performance directed by the University of Iowa’s very own Jennifer Kayle – associate professor and co-director of the MFA program. Kayle’s dancing is known for its “muscular presence” (Dance Source Houston) and her past works have been praised for their “distinct…affecting scenes” (Hampshire Gazette, MA). According to her website, Kayle’s works aim to combine “both personal and political lenses to engage choreography as ‘public art.'”

The University of Iowa’s Dance website describes this program as “Three music and dance tragicomedies, a multi-gender-race-age ensemble, some complicated queer relationships, spontaneous dances, sleepless fits, and badass moves.

image via Jennifer Kayle

The program will feature Brady Van Patten – an undergraduate and current MFA candidate at the University of Iowa. Van Patten has worked with Kayle previously on several projects, including the Harvest Chicago Contemporary Dance Festival, where he performed with Kayle + Company. Since then, Van Patten has moved to Chicago and worked with groups such as 500 Clown and the Neo-Futurists.

image via Brady Van Patten on LinkedIn

“Another Stage of Staging Ourselves” is a part of the Englert’s Witching Hour festival. The program will take place at 7:30 p.m., Oct. 29 at the Englert Theatre. Tickets are available for purchase on the Englert’s website.