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On Cloud Nine with Beach Bunny

Beach Bunny preforming at the Englert Theater

Written by Mia Breitbart and Katherine Steahly

Beach Bunny had had their first performance of their tour at the Englert Theatre on Friday, April 8. As the night progressed the theater filled with excited young bodies thrilled to see Beach Bunny live. Their performance was refreshingly youthful and effortlessly talented. Even though guitarist Matt Henkel was missing, as Lili Trifilio said, “The show must go on!” She went so hard on the guitar that her finger started bleeding. Bassist Anthony Vaccaro and drummer Jon Alvarado equally rocked out, jumping around and bringing playful energy to the set.

Photo of Anthony Vaccaro enthusiastically playing the bass
Photo by Katherine Steahly

The stage had vintage televisions lit with static and projected stars. The colorful pink, purple, and red lights glittered off of Trifilio’s glittery, silver outfit and the backdrop.

At the start of their performance, Trifilio asked everyone to stand, which sent the crowd rushing to her feet at the front of the stage. They opened with her single “Oxygen.” A smile erupted on Trifilio’s face when people started to sing along. During her song “Good Girls (Don’t Get Used)” the audience was asked to sing backup vocals, bringing them into the performance. Everyone sang along. Beach Bunny had the younger students who sat beside me mesmerized, one even accidentally smacked me during “Blame Game” because they were so taken by the song.

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Although the venue was seated, and the crowd was smaller than anticipated for future venues, and they were down a guitarist, the performance was all the more genuine and personal. The crowd participation and emotional vulnerability of Beach Bunny’s music made the entire show approachable and fun. If I could go back in time and be there again, I would in a heartbeat.

Beach Bunny will go on to play the Mo Pop Festival in Detroit and Lollapalooza in Chicago later in the year along with artists like Green Day and Big Sean.

Listen to Beach Bunny’s newest song, Fire Escape.

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