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Mood Ring: An Evening for Philia (Appreciating Friends)

I began thinking of the comradery of my roommates and I. We have a consistent night each week dedicated to the three of us. We are all young adult women, subsequently English/Creative Writing majors which may inevitably add to our sentiment. We love a good night in together, which inspired me for this Mood Ring, the ever-awaited relaunch of the fall semester. It is a feeling I wanted to try to capture with this playlist. It’s the feeling of being surrounded by philia, the greek definition of platonic love (I know, bear with me, I’m feeling extra pretentious today). So, it is a collection of songs, which are specific to my life, but generally representing a night with your best friends. And, yes because my best friends and I are all women and roommates we love a nice night cozied up with some mood lighting, consisting of a disco ball and flowery candles.

This is a place you can put yourself in. Imagine you and your friends with a glass of wine and a peel-off face mask, basking in the love of each others presence. Or maybe imagine a game night with your best buddies, popcorn on deck and comedy bits being formed. I feel like this type of love is so underappreciated. It is an important bond and a relationship that is a warm form of support and guidance. I wanted to honor it with this Mood Ring.

Anyway, enough of the sap. Here are my featured songs from my Spotify playlist fitting the lyrics, sound, and overall feeling of philia, the friendship love.


“Good As Hell” by Lizzo captures the essence of a night where your friends hype you up!

Come now, come dry your eyes
You know you a star, you can touch the sky

I know that it’s hard but you have to try
If you need advice, let me simplify

This reminds me of the support I get from my girls, especially on our nights in talking about our lives and hardships. It helps having those people who are by your side through thick and thin. Always letting you know how to positively get through the trenches of insecurity and self doubt.


For sound, I picked “I Feel It All” by Feist. This song’s sound has been in my mind a lot lately. It makes me feel calm and at home, just like my friends do. The lead singer has a voice that flows through the melody in a simplistic and soft sentiment.This is a song that my roommates and I listen to as we talk around our apartment, really connecting to the feeling the sound portrays.

Overall Feeling

A classic, “Dancing Queen” by Abba represents this metaphorical “girls night” perfectly. Yes, this song is basic, but also a very cleverly written piece of music. Unlike most pop songs, “Dancing Queen” starts off with the chorus, immediately getting the listeners hooked into the catchy melody and positive theme. It is undeniably fun and easy to dance to. It always has made me feel like I need to bust out my hottest vocals to sing along with my friends.

In conclusion, I am happy that music is an outlet that can represent anything in our lives, even the specific form of philia love and how we spend our nights in with our best companions.