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Mission Creek Promo: Sister Wife

With a ton of great headliners like Roxanne Gay and Bassem Youseff coming to Mission Creek, it’s hard to carve out time to see some of the bands that may not be getting as much attention. One of those bands that shouldn’t be missed is Sister Wife.

The indie duo hailing from Rock Island, Illinois will be playing at the Englert alongside Margret Glaspy and Wye Oak on April 6th at 7:00pm at this years festival.

Sister Wife may not be the most popular band to hit the Englert Theatre this year, but they are still one to look forward to. This band has been gaining more popularity in the Indie community thanks to their most recent album “Trap House” with its popular hits like “Dirty Finger Nails” and the album’s namesake “Trap House”.

Don’t rule out Sister Wife because they are an indie band, they have some strong rock and pop sounds, especially on their most recent album, “Trap House” (deceivingly named), in 2017.

What really categorizes them as indie is their vocals, the variety from song to song is what makes them interesting and keeps you listening and the steady drums and electric guitar will keep you tapping your toe to songs like “Dirty Finger Nails” and “Shelter”.

What sets them apart is their guitar. You can hear a true indie tune like “Siamese” one minute, with its synths and out-there vocals, and the next song “Lumber” has a guitar hook that could rival any classic rock.

It can be argued that some may sound similar, but when you have almost every song opening with a catchy guitar hook, it can be inevitable. This doesn’t take away from the fact that these are talented artists making good music.

Along with “Trap House” the band has a couple other EPs and songs that will keep any audience entertained throughout the night, which is what makes them so perfect for Mission Creek.

Mission Creek is excited to have Sister Wife, as well as all of the artists, come to Iowa City to perform at this year’s festival. With a lineup like this, these are shows that you don’t want to miss.

Dedicating a whole week to art, literature and music makes a nice spring break for everyone, whether you had a real one as a student, or need one as an adult.

Come out to see this great indie band and their friends Margret Glaspy and Wye Oak on April 6!