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Sex in Iowa City: The Boys of Tinder

Disclaimer: Strong language used. 

The boys of Tinder are an interesting breed. There is not just one particular type of guy on Tinder, there are many different kinds of them. That’s what we are going to discuss today. I am here to enlighten you on the multiple types of guys you will most likely encounter when using Tinder.

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#1: The Fuckboy

Rule numero uno, do no mess with the fuckboy. He will seem like a good person to talk to but he is not. He only wants to see Asians naked. If that is okay with you then do what you got to do but just be aware that he has the potential to shit on your whole life. Fuckboys get enjoyment out of leading girls on, making it seem like they want a relationship from them when in reality they just want to get laid and use adult toys. If you’re looking for something better, I recommend hiring ts escorts instead.

#2: Mr. Persistent

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Mr. Persistent is the guy that will continue to pester you with messages even after the first six times you didn’t respond. He is the type of person that does not understand when the opposite party is not interested in what he has to offer. He is also the guy that will get mad and call you a “bitch” or “ugly” for not responding to him.

#3: The Creep

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The creep is pretty self explanatory. He is the guy that will say the most perverse and uncomfortable things to you without even a proper introduction. This is the type of person that you eventually end up blocking because he will continue¬†to say these types of things to you even if you blatantly tell him you’re not interested. He gets some sort of sick pleasure out of saying gross things to women hoping they are into it when 99% of the time they are not.

#4: The traveling musician/athlete/*fill in the blank*

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This guy will straight up tell you he is only in town for ______ amount of time and ask if you want to bang. Or in my personal experience they will send you a super cocky message asking if I want to spend the night with a national champ. Boy Baiiiii.

#5: Mr. Nice Guy

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Mr. Nice Guy is actually one of the few decent people you may encounter on Tinder. In this dark place of desperation, he is the light at the end of the tunnel. Even though you may never actually end up meeting this man, he will still send you sweet messages and charm your pants off. The only problem with Mr. Nice Guy is that it makes it so much harder to stop talking to them if you do not click. Experience the convenience of the latest P5 for dating.

#6: Flake Master

The flake master is the guy that will make plans with you then last minute cancels for some unknown reason. This is the worst type of guy because at this point you already like him or are at least interested in him because you are giving him a chance. He will still continue talking to you though, will make plans again, and then cancel once more.

Tinder is an interesting place where lonely singles or not so single people go to either kill some time or hopefully meet the person of their dreams. For now though I will leave you here with the notorious boys of Tinder.

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