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Reasons for the RBF: Stereotypes

*Disclaimer: Strong language used*

We have all been judged based on a stereotype at some point in our lives. Whether it is because you have red hair, are an African American, Jewish, or Blonde, the list goes on forever. Pretty much what I am trying to say is that no matter who you are, you are bound to be put into at least one stereotype category even if you do not reflect it.

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For me, I always get stereotyped as the dumb blonde. Not to be confused with the dumb blonde bombshell because I definitely do not have the certain “assets” to fit into that category.

I know my stereotype is not as bad as some of the other more severe ones out there, but it still has affected me in negative ways. Everyone knows the blonde stereotype: super quirky, not the brightest crayon in the box, and always super attractive Elle Woods-type girl, so it is not always a bad thing to be associated with girls like her because it is such a lovable character. But on the other hand, when I am speaking to someone and the talk to me in a way that make me feel like they are talking down to me just because they don’t think I am as smart as they are it makes me feel like shit. I am sure anyone else out there that is a blonde can relate, it is infuriating when almost everyone has these automatic thoughts about you just because of your hair color, that in no way reflects h0w intelligent or unintelligent you may be.

Don’t get me wrong, not all stereotypes are harmful. I have learned from taking multiple sociology classes that some stereotypes are helpful for many different reasons, but that is not circumstance the majority of the time. That is the reason why I am writing this article. It really irritates the hell out of me when people judge others based on what they expect that person to be like because of a specific idea they have in their mind.

For example, just because someone is African American doesn’t mean they are a criminal, just because someone is a Muslim doesn’t mean they are a terrorist, and just because someone is Mexican does not mean they are here illegally.

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These are the type of ignorant judgments that drive me crazy. It amazes me that people actually think that each and every person from a certain race or ethnicity fits the exact description that some asshole made up forever ago. I am not saying that certain people don’t ever match the stereotype, but the likeliness of someone being the exact reflection of the category is very slim. You have to be extremely narrow-minded to even begin to think this way (no offense, just kidding).

Stereotypes do not only exist for different races and ethnicities, but for gender too. There are still people that think females need to be the perfect housewife that wait on their husband’s hand and foot. Also, that a woman should not wear men’s clothing or be caught looking even slightly unfeminine, are you freaking kidding me?! On the other hand, there are still people that think all men need to be the image of masculinity. They think that it is not okay for men to cry or show any emotion like, really people, women and men can do whatever the hell they want, if a woman wants to shop in the men’s section she can and vice versa.

It is 2016, it drives me insane that there is still this blatant ignorance existing in our society. This goes hand in hand with racist, sexist, and homophobic remarks like I wrote about in an earlier article. If we don’t stop making jokes and making light of these stereotypes then the will never go away and that it not okay. It will be hard, but we need to get rid of these expectations and thoughts that are attached to the way we think of someone or these stereotypes will continue to exist.