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DIY Great Things Take Time: Wine Wednesday Crafts

205406432974901135uZTpBDoOcWednesdays are the best day of the week and not because it means you’re halfway done with the work week but because it’s an excuse to crack open a bottle of renieri invetro with your gals and unwind. Classic drinking games are always fun to play but wine calls for more artsy standards. According to an article written by Peter Jaret, wine can lead to a healthier heart, a shield against cancer, stronger bones and a sharper mind. So what are you doing!? Drive to your nearest liquor store and pick up some of your favorites for a night of wine and crafts. 

Disclaimer: Prices may have changed since posting of article. 

Decorating Wine Glasses

Probably the first activity your mind wanders around to when you hear ‘Wine Night.’ Nothing beats decorating your own glass to showcase in your kitchen.

What you need: Wine Glass, Glass Paint

DIY Cost: Wine Glasses $18.49 (4 pack) shop here

Glass Paint $6.49 (value pack) shop here

Retail Cost: Pre-decorated wine glasses from can cost anywhere from $12-50 dollars depending on design and occasion. While a store bought one may seem like the easier choice as a last minute birthday gift, nothing adds a personal touch like a hand painted wine glass.

Tip: Wash the glass before painting to remove an dust or smudges that may already be on the glass.

 Glittered Wine Bottles

Need a vase for your flowers or a new centerpiece for the table? Dipping an empty wine

Photo via Jordan Swope
Photo via Jordan Swope

bottle in a bowl of glitter can provide a total 180 look to any room.

What you need: Wine Bottle, Glue, Glitter

DIY Cost: Wine Bottle (use one from home)

Glue $2.52 (one bottle) shop here

Glitter $2.99 (4.5 ounces) shop here

Retail Cost: You can purchase one glittered bottle for $15 on Etsy but what’s the fun in that?

Tip: Make sure to remove any seals or labels before gluing to prevent lumps.  

Wine Cork Coasters

Stay classy with these easy to make cork coasters. What better accessory to go with a bottle of wine that a fitted coaster? Make all your friends jealous with this tasteful addition.

Photo via
Photo via

What you need: Cork Board, Hot Glue Gun, Corks

DIY Cost: Cork Board $11.99 (4 12×12 pieces) shop here

Hot Glue Gun $4.87 (1 gun with 10 sticks) shop here

Corks $6.95 (100 pack)) shop here

Retail Cost: A package of cork coasters cost about $13 but with only the cork tile not the actual wine bottle corks.

Tip: You may have extra cork tile/corks left over which can be made into a placemat. You can also go the extra mile and personalize your corks on this website to add your favorite sayings or anything else you think would look chic!  

 Painting Canvases

Painting can be one of the most relaxing activities to take part in. You challenge your brain to be imaginative while creating something you can later hang up in your room. Take a scroll through

Photo via Kaitlyn Maloney
Photo via Kaitlyn Maloney

the Internet to find a quote that speaks to you and let your creative juices go crazy.

What you need: Canvases, Paint, Brushes

DIY Cost: Canvases $14.00 (5 16”x20” canvases) shop here

Paint $0.79 ( 2 ounce bottle) shop here

Brushes $1.99 (8 piece set) shop here

Retail Cost: Various canvases can be found on Etsy or on social media accounts by people whole make them at home and sell.

Tip: Check out Pinterest or other websites to find quotes or Wine Wednesday sayings to use.   

Cork Frames

I doubt many of you out there have a cork frame on display in your house. For this diy you can either go to a craft store and purchase a bag of corks or save up enough from times you shared with others to use; not only will this add a sentimental touch but think of all the funny stories that may come back to you.

What you need: Corks, Hot Glue from Glue Guns Direct, Frames

DIY Cost: Corks $6.95 (100 pack) shop here

Hot Glue $4.87 (1 gun with 10 sticks) shop here

Frames $6.99 (1 6×4 frame) shop here

Retail Cost: You can purchase one on Etsy for $15.

Tip: If you go the sentimental route and save the corks from wine bottles you can write the date on each cork when it was consumed to add another personal memento.

 Wine Bottle Torches

Spice up this summer by creating one of these beauties! Pair with a table on the beach or even a romantic dinner in your backyard. It also helps keep away mosquitos.

What you need: Wine Bottles, Twine or Rope, Brass Coupling, Tiki Wikes, Pebbles, Citronella Torch Fluid

DIY Cost: Wine Bottle (use an empty one from home)

Twine/Rope (can be bought at Michael’s Craft Store for under $10)

Brass Coupling $5.60 (3/4 inches by ½ inches) shop here

Tiki Wikes $0.99 (2 pieces) shop here

Pebbles (go out to your lawn or a nearby park to find a handful)

Citronella Torch Fluid $4.86 (50 ounces) shop here

Retail Cost: Open for purchase at $40 a piece on Etsy.

Tip: Make sure to remove all labels and sponge down the bottle before gluing your choice of twine or rope.  Also, check out the video above to watch a tutorial on how other creative DIYers create their own wine torches! 


May your next Wine Wednesday be one for the books!