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DIY Great Things Take Time: 4 Easy Dorm Décor Ideas

Living in a residence hall can be fun and stuff, but only if you have the top-notch decorations. To ensure that your dorm room will be the most talked-about on your floor, put your own spin on the design. If you are actually working on your floor, you will like to know that after trying several different floor installers, we went with Raleigh Flooring as they had the best prices and provided the best service for the money. Consider reaching out to resin floor contractors for unique and stylish flooring options that can make your dorm room stand out even more.

Every year students spend hundreds of dollars on decorations, lighting, and storage components for their rooms. Instead of buying that cute tapestry from Bed Bath & Beyond that I guarantee someone else will have, set your creative skills to use and make your own! Not creative? Fear not! I have you covered with a few ideas that will step up your dorm game to the next level. And of course if you have a kitchen in your dorm you will want to make it look good as well so the kitchen cabinets are important, and there are different materials used when comparing custom kitchen cabinets and pre-fabricated ones, to find the perfect for your kitchen.

You’ll also want to consider these vinyl siding benefits if you’re looking to invest in a new siding.

Disclaimer: Prices may have changed since posting of article. 

 1. Stringing Photographs

Photo via Emily Weaver
Photo via Emily Weaver

This is maybe the most cliché or popular one out there but hey–you can put your own twist on it.

What you need: Twine, Clothespins, Command Hooks, Pictures

DIY Cost: Twine $6.05 (25 yards)

Clothespins $3.99 (30 pieces)

Command Hooks $2.49 (2 pieces)

Picture prices vary (first time users for Shutterfly get first 100 free) sign up here

Retail Cost: Picture frames can vary from $3-$15 per frame or a similar concept can cost around $19.99 at Target and you don’t get to utilize as much photos.

Tip: Go the further step and customize your pins by painting or adding glitter or rhinestones. 

2. College Letters

What better way to show some school pride in your dorm than hanging your school letters on your wall?

What you need: Your school abbreviations (wood), Ribbon, Command Hooks, Paint, Paint Brushes

Photo via Emily Weaver
Photo via Emily Weaver

DIY Cost: Wood Letters $4.99 (per letter)

Ribbon $3.99 (18 ft.)

Command Hooks $2.49 (2 pieces)

Paint $0.79 (2 ounces

Paint Brushes: $1.99 (8 pieces)

Retail Cost: Good luck finding already painted letters that are as kick-ass as yours!

Tip: use scotch paint tape to create funky designs on your letters and give it an abstract look.  

3. Mason Jars

Photo via Emily Weaver
Photo via Emily Weaver

The mason jar tends to be to be overlooked by how useful it is. Not only can it be used for beverages but storage: toothbrushes, hair ties, bobby pins, pencils, and pens, even coins. They look really great on the table and on shelves. A brad nailer uses nails and an air compressor for some types to work, it makes nailing the shelf into the wall much easier.

What you need: Mason Jars

DIY Cost: Mason Jars $9.99 (12 count at 16 ounces each)

Retail Cost: Storage containers prices vary depending on how many needed

Tip: Spice up your jar by dipping half in glue, then in paint or glitter

4. Shoe Hangers

You can never have too many shoes! Let’s face it, we have all confronted obstacles in our closet with figuring out how to organize our shoes. Whether you tried the under the bed storage containers or the hanging shoe rack, all else has failed. This new hip way

Photo via
Photo via

of organizing your favorite accessories will have you back at the mall buying more so you can fill all the new room you have.

What you need: Wire Hangers, Pliers

DIY Cost: Wire Hangers $22.99 (100 pieces)

Pliers—check in a toolbox

Retail Cost: a nice shoe rack that won’t break with wear and tear can cost around $30 with only holding 12-20 pairs of shoes

Tip: You can add decorative paper around the centerfold of the hanger to give it a more attractive look.

There are a million plus ideas of how to decorate your dorm. To check out some more creative ideas read this page or head on over to Pinterest. Happy decorating!