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Album Review: “Wander” by Infinity Tree

Sometimes, you just gotta return to the basics. Lately I’ve been listening to lots of things that are outside of what I’d normally consider my “comfort zone.” Some of it has been downright strange and experimental, but some of it is just outside of my normal repertoire. Lots of older music, including some jazz, soul, RnB, and even some psychedelia. But what I’ve really been craving lately is a return to my bread and butter, the kind of stuff that first really got me into music. And that is where Infinity Tree comes in.

(Photo credit: Alison Schwebach)

Infinity Tree is a four-piece alternative rock band from Media, Pennsylvania. The boys of the band (Robby Brod, Craig Whitney, John Sweeney, and Mark Savidge) have been making music together for over 7 years, and their latest release under their newest band name is Wander. Wander was released on January 2 of this year, and the 6 song record (something between an EP and a full length album) is nothing but the good stuff: solid, guitar-driven indie rock.

The record kicks off with “Don’t Know Why,” one of my favorites. It’s a high energy groove that perfectly introduces and sets the tone and atmosphere of the rest of the record. The melodic guitar riffs grab your ear, and pull you along the throughout the song, whether it’s the guitar leading the charge or the vocals taking over. The stutter-stopping verse helps to keep the listener on their toes, making sure your attention is never lost. Lyrics like “When I was 18, I thought I knew myself completely” tell a story of confusion and mixed emotions at a new point in life, with the past far behind and the future uncertain.

“Stranger in the Home”
keeps the energy up, with a bit more of a funky groove. The bass line really stands out in this song, and the different vocalist shows that each musician in the band really knows their craft. “Limitless Breath” slows things down a bit, and shows a different side of the band’s sound. Shrouded in reverb and a spacey atmosphere, the echo-laden guitars remind me of early era Bloc Party (high praise coming from such a big fan). The guitar work here might be my favorite on the record, and the climatic build up at the end. Those are the moments in music that I fall in love with.

Infinity Tree

“Barren Walls” is the ballad of the record, with the most emotionally rich lyrical moments. The soft noodling guitars provide the backdrop for a story of a love that is no more. The vocal effects and the falling delivery of the lyrics give off a dreamy vibe. “Stasis” kicks things back up with higher energy and tempo.  Shifting rhythms between breezy open chords and harsh staccatos have the song feeling urgent and anxious, pulling the listener along. “Separate”, the final track on the record, is the one that I can’t quite put my finger on. It sounds like it could easily fit on the Yellow EP of The Dear Hunter’s The Color Spectrum, and its rock steady four-on-the-floor rhythm is hypnotizing. For whatever reason, this song feels difficult to describe for me, but it remains one of the strongest on the record.

If you’re looking for some new indie rock music, or if you’re looking to impress your friends with truly obscure and underground band knowledge, check out Infinity Tree’s Wander. Stream the entire album below, and click on the band’s Bandcamp page for a free download.

Wander by Infinity Tree

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