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Track of the Week: “Unsteady” By X Ambassadors

This week’s featured track is “Unsteady” by X Ambassadors, a American alternative rock back from Ithaca, New York. The song is featured off of their new album VHS and is one of the more soulful songs on the album.

X Ambassadors at The Fonda Theatre
X Ambassadors at The Fonda Theatre

This song had me hooked from the very beginning when you first hear Sam Harris’s almost angelic voice belt out “Hold, Hold on, Hold on to me” while is brother Casey Harris is softly playing piano in the background. The powerful lyrics are really what makes this song so great; they are very moving and so heartfelt. The piano is soon joined by hard drum beats that just hook into you even deeper . Having both the piano and drums was definitely a great choice. It makes for a well-rounded track. Harris’s soulful voice kept me enthralled the whole time, and the sad vibe is perfect for when you are down in the dumps. It hits you right in the feels, especially when he sings, “Daddy, I’m alone. Cause this house don’t feel like home”.

“Unsteady” is one of those songs I could listen on repeat for hours when I’m in one of those moods because of  it’s all over melancholy tone. X Ambassadors debut album VHS is full of incredible songs that are less slow, and sad compared to “Unsteady”. The whole album is available on iTunes, you can also check out the track below.