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Sex in Iowa City

*Disclaimer: some content may not be suitable for younger readers*

As college students, we can’t go through a whole day without hearing about sex or having casual sex in Louisville. You can’t seem to escape the horror stories of awkward sexual encounters or the sometimes overly graphic details shared between friends. It wouldn’t be a normal college experience if you at some point haven’t been sexually promiscuous or did something that you may have regretted the next day. Even though this is the case, I still feel like sex is somewhat of a taboo topic in society, specifically amongst young adults.

When I was in high school, no one talked about sex outside of their friend group. Even then, it was in the privacy of their own homes–you couldn’t say anything at school without the fear that people would judge you or tell everyone they know. Gossip was a particularly popular pastime in my hometown like it is in most, so when someone got ahold of juicy secrets about someone else’s sex life it spread like wildfire.

The parents of kids that went to my school were even in on it, especially my ex-boyfriend’s mother.

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She loved to talk about my relationship with her son to all of her coworkers, which happened to be peers of my moms. So I had more than one of my “friends” come up to me and tell me that my boyfriend’s mom was telling their mom about how much sex him and I were having based on the number of empty condom boxes that she found in the back of his sock drawer (don’t ask me why he kept the empties there). I have never been so embarrassed to hear about my own life from another person’s mouth.

This instance is why I decided to write this column. I shouldn’t feel embarrassed for having sex with my boyfriend (at the time) or just in general. We should be able to talk about this topic openly and freely without wondering what people are thinking in their head.

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This is not to say that people will not judge you, because people will always judge and have something to say about the choices you make. But sex should not be a topic we consider unmentionable–it is something that the majority of us participate in at least one point in our lives and is a normal human act.

So, to wrap this up, this column will be about different subjects and stories pertaining to sex and college life. I will talk about just about everything under the moon that I can think of and will try to not hold back, ensuring that this will be completely honest writing.